Bathrooms are the place where you feel most relaxed and you unwind. For this purpose, your bathroom needs to be soothing and stylish at the same time. But apart from being modern and classy, your indoor tiles in West Midlands should be water-resistant and easy to clean. Here are a few stylish tiles for bathroom ideas for your bathrooms in the West Midlands.

stylish tiles for bathroom

stylish tiles for bathroom


Metro tiles are the most popular choice for bathrooms all over the UK. Inspired by the tiles found in London’s underground train stations, metro tiles add a stylish and retro touch to your bathrooms. You can also add a unique touch to it by mixing it with black metro tiles or patterned tiles.


You might love the wood flooring all over your house and would like to add a wood floor to your bathrooms as well but wood on the bathroom floor would easily warp or rot. So, wood effect tiles are your best choice to add a wood-like feeling to your bathrooms in the West Midlands. They are hard-wearing tiles and unlike real wood flooring, are easy to clean and maintain.


If you have a smaller bathroom, extra-large bathroom tile is a perfect fit for your bathrooms in the west midlands. These tiles create an illusion of more space because there are lesser grout lines between the tiles and your bathroom feels less cluttered. But be careful!! Don’t choose a tile that is too big for your bathroom.


Geometric-shaped tiles would give a trendy and gorgeous look to your bathrooms. Some homeowners or interior designers might think that geometric shape tiles would not last long and would be out of fashion soon. But according to us, simple geometric shape tiles combined with your choice of colors would give a classic and modern look to your bathrooms in the West Midlands and would last eternity.


Marble bathroom tiles are the most elegant and classic tiles for your bathroom. But marbles are expensive tiles to maintain. They need to be sealed yearly and cleaned regularly to curb the chances of moisture build-up, scratches, and stains.

However, if you are looking for classy and modern tiles in the west Midlands, marble tiles are for you.


Patterned tiles are the most versatile option. You can choose from a range of different designs and colours of bathroom tiles and design a stylish and stunning bathroom in the West Midlands.


Mix n match is the modern way of making your bathrooms look modern and classy. But choosing the two can be a tedious task. We recommend picking a tile that you love the most and then try complimenting it with other tiles; it can be a unique accent tile or a white must-have floor tile. You can either choose the same colour but different shape tiles for a calm and soothing look or you can complement it with a completely different colour tile. It’s all up to your taste and liking.