Are you planning to remodel your bathroom or a complete makeover of your house or plumbing fixtures?

One thing that you should not forget about is the plumbing fixtures. Plumbing fixtures are not just connecting devices that are responsible for the delivery and drainage of water. Plumbing fixtures also add up to the beauty of your bathroom and make a major impact on the overall look of your bathroom.


From toilet seats to P-traps, everything is vital for designing the luxurious and trendy bathroom that looks just like the one you saw on your last vacation trip to Hawaii. So, take out some time before finalizing the look of your bathroom and choose the best plumbing supplies west midlands for bathroom Plumbing fixtures.

Don’t know how to select the right plumbing fixtures for your bathroom in the west midlands?

Don’t worry!! We have come up with a guide to help you find the best plumbing fixtures and best plumbing supplier in the west midlands. Here have a look and choose your plumbing supplier accordingly in the west midlands.


Your taps, shower trays, and sinks should be resilient because they are the things that are used and touched most often and hence they are more prone to damage than any other plumbing item in your bathroom. Therefore, you should take special care while choosing the material of your taps in the west midlands.

Brass, nickel, and bronze are the most popular materials for faucets and taps in bathrooms in the west midlands. These materials are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures and moisture. Another commonly used material for taps in the west midlands is iron. Iron is not recommended by many because of its ability to rust easily. However, using stainless steel and coating it with water-resistant lubricants is common to avoid rusting.


Choosing what style and design of taps, sinks, and shower trays are you looking for is essential. We recommend looking around in style magazines and blogs or visiting some best bathroom supplier stores in the west midlands. You will find plenty of trendy and stylish taps, sinks, and shower trays.

However, if you are looking for something that stays in your bathroom for long and doesn’t go out of fashion soon, we recommend choosing chrome. Chrome can mix and match with any colour bathroom interior and you will not have to change your faucets if you are changing your bathroom tiles. Isn’t it great!!


Well, sinks and faucets come in all sorts of sizes and designs. However, choosing the best one for your bathroom is a daunting task. If you are looking for a traditional look, ‘bridge Faucets’ is for you. In the bridge faucet both lever and faucet branch off from the same part so you only need two holes instead of three.

A single handle faucet is another option. In a single handle faucet, you have one lever for both controlling the temperature of water and pressure. It requires only one hole and is popular for kitchen use but you can use it in bathrooms as well.

Wall-mount faucets are the latest trend. They are fixed on the wall instead of on the sink and these faucets are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles.

A vessel sink is another style that is most popular nowadays. You will find them in all style magazines and blogs. These sinks are not fixed on walls but they sit on countertops. They come in copper, stone, marble, glass, and ceramic materials but glass and ceramic are the most stylish and popular options.


Well, budget is the most crucial factor in remodeling. There are a lot of design and plumbing fixtures that you would love to use in your luxurious dream bathroom but money is something that shatters all the dreams.

  • However, some brands offer beautiful bathroom fixtures in your budget. Here have a look…
  • Kohler
  • Grohe
  • Hansgrohe
  • Moen
  • Delta

However, if money is not an issue you can always go for high-end bathroom suppliers in the west midlands. Here is a list of high-end plumbing suppliers in the west midlands.

  • Kallista
  • Rohl
  • Brizo